Aceso Branding

Aceso is a new hemp-derived health and wellness product that is being launched by Dixie Brands, Inc, in fall 2015. Aceso, whose name is derived from the Greek Goddess of the healing process, intends to bring the power of cannabinoids to the next level, allowing people to more accurately find a whole plant formula that will optimize their health. The scientific researchers have used their deep knowledge of the cannabis sativa plant to create perfectly balanced cannabinoid formulas to further unlock the beneficial properties of hemp, ultimately creating products intended to restore our basic nature. 

While working at Grit, we were tasked with branding Aceso. My role, along with a few individuals, was to design a logo, packaging line, and website. This featured website is one of the concepts presented, although not chosen.

Additional Credits:
Creative Director: Sean Topping
Senior Art Director: Lauren Sobotor
Art Director: Zoey Gay